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 Battlefield 4

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Battlefield 4   Чет Юни 08, 2017 12:17 am

## Release date:
## Manufacturer / Developer: DICE
## Publisher: Electronic Arts
## Official game site: Battlefield 4
## Game Version: (Update 11 (build 111433)
## Relay type: RePack (high compression ratio, no loss)
## Foot: 3DM (built-in)
Interface: English / Russian
## Voice: English / Russian
## Genre: First-person shooter
## Engine: [url=Frostbite 3][/url]

## Game Photos (current from releases):
## Comment:

As we save the world from malicious Chinese partici- pants who have decided to provoke a new global conflict, we can not help wondering why DICE has ever struggled with such a mediocre single campaign. The Battlefield series is traditionally known for its multiplayer - something that luckily continues to be the case in Battlefield 4. But the campaign is totally different. It is hardly a coincidence that during the marketing campaign before the release of the EA, the EA almost ignored the single element. Now we know why: it is a weak and lazy narrative effort that really does not deserve to be discussed, not to mention advertising. What is the conclusion - unless you intend to stay for a long time on EA's servers, Battlefield 4 will only bring you frustration.
The campaign in the game is practically not related to the front
And presents China as the next big American enemy. When a relatively moderate and progressive politician heads for leadership in the most populous country, the conservative faction led by Admiral Chang tries to liquidate him and take control of the chaos that has occurred. A team of American fighters named Tombstone was sent to space and quickly emerged at the center of a new global conflict. Consisting of 7 levels, the Battlefield 4 campaign is short and definitely lacks dynamism, as the motivation in it never exceeds the level of "We must stop the bad guys because they are bad!" The heroes are cliché and Hanna's appearance as a Chinese soldier seems to have been sucked out of the fingers so the creators of the game can boast that they have given space to a female fighter. If you make a comparison between the campaign and some of the bloody films of Hollywood director Michael Bay, you will not be wrong. The conversations are petty, history is lacking in wit and real weight, and missions generally rely more on the visual spectacle than on the stunning storyline.
The gameplay itself is no different than what we are used to expecting
Except for a few situations where you can drive a variety of vehicles, the methodology sticks to the maximum "go to the checkpoint, kill everything that moves and proceed to the next checkpoint." Chinese enemies are a serious opponent, as they are pretty much hit before they fall, unless you can skillfully defeat it with a headshot. At the same time, the size of the dispensers of the vending machines and pistols seems to be less than we used to have in the other shooters that break the action for recharging and leave you vulnerable at worst. Opponents appear in many different places, even if it is physically impossible to reach them. Their discovery is sometimes a challenge, as you have to be using binoculars to identify the more distant goals that then appear on the mini-map. In some moments, the beginnings of tactical thought actually appear, and then you must carefully look at the horizon, find the enemy, and draw a bypass maneuver. Unfortunately these situations are few, and their potential is not realized to the end. Commands for other satellites can only be issued during battles, and are limited to attacking the enemy you've discovered through the binoculars or holding the gun on your weapon.
One of the more interesting aspects of the single-player campaign is the introduction of
Mulitplayer element in the form of dots
The points you earn are used in the Assignment / Medal system to unlock weapons for use in re-running the campaign. Why anyone would like to play it a second time is a completely different matter. Fortunately, most of the "golden" weapons can also be used in the multiplayer, so you still have the incentive to play well through headstones, skittles and multiplayer games. Using these points in the campaign is a good way to bring players to the main online character development system, although that does not make much sense.
Regardless of the bitter taste that a single experience leaves in the mouth, the game shines at least in one respect -
The graph
So far, we do not yet know whether the PS4 and XBOX One versions of Battlefield 4 will improve the PC variant, but it is a fact that gamers who have spent enough effort on their configuration will be rewarded with an excellent look. On Ultra Settings this is no doubt the most beautiful Battlefield game in the history of the series. In fact, if you have the ability to include all the maximum settings, you can assume that Battlefield 4 is one of the best-looking PC games in recent times. The water and light effects are great, and destruction is both subordinate to all physical laws and at the same time so unrealistic that it can leave you open. The textures are extremely detailed especially with regard to the characters and the ghosts of the characters. It should be noted that Battlefield 4 screenshots just can not reproduce what the shooter looks like on the right machine. Unfortunately, it is a shame that this solid graphic is set on such an elementary campaign.
So without wasting time, we go online to see what's going on in the heart of the game
Still, if you decide to buy Battlefield 4, it will be precisely because of its multiplayer.
The authors try to promote the title with two main features - the return of the Commander mode or the system with a particularly strange name Levolution. They both work the way they should.
To take the role of commander, you must have reached tenth rank. Probative evidence that you know what you are doing. Once you join a game as a commander, you'll be able to see the bird's eye view, along with the positions of all your soldiers, the conquered key points, and the noticed opponents. You have the opportunity to choose your squad and give orders (or send different supplies). Of course, there is no guarantee that someone will listen to you. You can even shoot even the winged missile for a specific purpose. The small drawback in this case is that some commander options (especially the more powerful) are unlocked only after a specific key position has been captured.
Thanks to the Levolution system
You will see how certain places on the multiplayer cards turn into fluff and dust. In one place a giant skyscraper could collapse, another - a tsunami to sweep a ship and crash it on land, and third-expedition pipelines to tear down the streets.
All this does not have much influence on the gameplay. Rather, the Levolution system affects small areas and a specific target for capture. Still - these events are mildly spectacular.
All of these new features do not radically change the game itself (except perhaps if you do not want to play a regular clan with 31 people). But they also give a unique look. And the main Battlefield 4 gameplay is plenty to keep your attention. The variety of cards is pleased. At Dawnbreaker you will be fighting in a beautiful city with narrow streets. Haiman Resort will take you to the archipelago. Operationi Locker is Operation Metro, with the difference that there are ways to bypass the checkpoints. Flood Zone will take you to a small town whose dam will soon be demolished, and you will have to transfer the battle over the roofs of the buildings ...
On the other hand, different regimes also provide a radically different experience. Large Conquest, for example, is a classic "Battlefield experience", while in Obliteration - a mode where two teams try to capture a neutral bomb and take it to the enemy territory - you will definitely have fun .
Thanks to the Filed Upgrade system, your entire squad gets perks when you meet a goal but at the same time loses it if you die at once. In this way, the authors try to encourage team play rather than the typical ramping and banging with powerful weapons or vehicles.
All of this, however, is periodically vitiated by thumps
And bugs of any kind (for example, you lose the things unlocked so far, fortunately temporarily). The lap sometimes is also noticeable, no matter which server you choose to play. And when Levolution arrives, it is almost certain that it will also crash. What's more, we find problems with both the sound and the textures, and with what else ...
Basically, it's very difficult to enjoy Battlefield 4 in the early days of her premiere. Probably all this will stabilize after a while and a huge portion of patches, but at this point wait best before diving into the online world Of this shooter.

Authors - Peter Yordanov, Philip Stanislavov
Source ~ PC Mania

## System Requirements :
## Will the game go (test the available hardware): Here
## Repackaging features:
• All locations except the specific ones have been removed
• The game is up to date, up to date Update 11 (build 111433)
• Nothing is transcoded
• Possibility for different location combinations for installation
• A different combination of text and sound is available to the installer
• The game is broken into 3 DvD9 discs (more information in readme.txt)
• Optional installation of additional software (DirectX, C ++)
The relay is made by R.G. Games
• Trainers available (in the torrents)
• A 100% save is available on which the story of the game is passed (for impatient gamers who do not get their hands on the game)
• Installation time ~ Depends on machine performance
• The installed game takes ~ 25.5 gigabytes

Warning !!!
Old safes are retained only by 3DM releases.
## Installing :
Simply install it in a custom folder!
Tested on Win.7 x64 SP1 Ultimate
Processor: FX-9590 Vishera 8-Core Black Edition 5GHz Unlocked
Video card: Gigabyte AMD Radeon ™ R9 290X OC WINDFORCE 3X Battlefield 4 limited edition
Memory: Kingston 2x4GB DDR3 1600mhz Hyper-X Genesis
And functioning 100% !!!
~ If you like the game buy it ~
~ Nice game ~

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Battlefield 4
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